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How to get appropriate insurance when you have an accident " Accident Insurance Hacks : The Expert's Middle Ground Approach "

Accident Insurance Hacks

Victims of road accidents can obtain compensation under the law through the government fund covering damages resulting from accidents involving fast transport vehicles, also known as the "Unidentified Accidents Fund." This fund is responsible for disbursing compensation, amounting to 40,000 Egyptian pounds, to victims in cases of death or permanent total disability related to accidents on fast roads involving unidentified vehicles whose owners flee after the incident. The compensation amount for damages to others' property is limited to a maximum of 10,000 Egyptian pounds. To claim compensation, individuals must submit the necessary documents and papers related to the accident to the fund within 15 days of its occurrence. All required information must be provided to determine the compensation payout schedule.

Required documents in cases of death, total, or partial disability include:

1.     Request mentioning the applicant's name, description, and details of the matter.

2.     Official copy of the death certificate.

3.     Official copy of the legal notification.

4.     Official copy of the investigation report and medical report.

5.     Official copy of the public prosecutor's decision (certificate from the schedule + Form 40 of the Public Prosecution).

6.     Power of attorney if the application is submitted by a representative.

7.     Medical report from the Ministry of Health, sealed with the national emblem, describing the disability and its percentage (for total or partial disability only).

8.     Invoices indicating the medical treatment (for total or partial disability only).

9.     Copies of national ID cards for all beneficiaries.

Steps to submit compensation requests:

1.     Notify the fund of the accident within fifteen days of its occurrence.

2.     The fund covers damages resulting from accidents involving fast transport vehicles in cases where:

·         The responsible vehicle is unknown.

·         There is no insurance on the vehicle for the benefit of others.

·         Exempted vehicles from licensing procedures.

3.     If the application is submitted by a representative, a general power of attorney from any or all of the heirs (beneficiaries) is required.

4.     If the compensation amount is to be disbursed through a representative, a specific and authenticated power of attorney issued after determining the compensation amount is needed, explicitly stating the receipt of the amount by all heirs (beneficiaries).

5.     In the case of a known vehicle causing the damage, a certificate of the vehicle's data indicating the start and end dates of licensing and the insurance document must be provided by the police.

6.     The fund is not authorized to contact other parties to request documents.

7.     The compensation amount is disbursed within a month from the date of completing the documents.

8.     No claims are accepted until all required documents are provided.

In the case of damage caused by a known vehicle, and its details are mentioned by the police, the affected party has the same rights from the insurance company that issued the policy for the owner of the causing vehicle, whether the damage resulted in death or partial or total disability.


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